Scientific Advisor

Dr. Aslihan Arslan

My ambition is to develop new formulations and manufacturing processes to reduce the side effects of drugs and increase their bioavailability, and help promote health and well-being across diverse populations world-wide.

About Aslihan

Dr Aslihan Arslan is an Award-winning Pharmaceutical Technologist, responsible for managing and leading the development of formulations, manufacturing processes, scale-up and technology transfer studies on behalf of Elixir Pharmaceutical Research and Development Corporation.

Dr Arslan completed her Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Technology, writing a thesis on innovative scientific procedures for increasing the solubility and bioavailability of pharmaceutical compounds and substances using quality-by-design.

In her role as Scientific Advisor at B・SYNC ON parent company, Galventa, Dr Arslan is responsible for the formulation, development and manufacturing processes for B・SYNC ON and future Galventa pharmaceutical initiatives. Specifically, Dr Arslan is responsible for developing the pulsatile release formulation for B・SYNC ON.

Outside of her work, Dr Arslan is a devotee of the outdoors with a passion for everything under the sky, including nature, trekking, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and roller skating. She also enjoys photography.

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