17 Healthy Morning Routine Ideas For Women Who Want To Feel Good

17 Healthy Morning Routine Ideas For Women Who Want To Feel Good

Key Points

  • Every morning brings about a new chance for every lady to seize their day and make it count.
  • Though, of course, it is crucial for one to acknowledge that everybody is different. Therefore, the ideal morning routine would most likely vary greatly from individual to individual.
  • On that note, aim to try one or two of the morning rituals recommended in this article to figure out what works well for your lifestyle and work schedule. Take all the time you need to experiment with each morning ritual, and be patient with yourself during the process.
  • In general, it is essential for ladies to be kind to themselves and employ a sustainable morning habit and routine in order to have a more rejuvenating start to the day.

Even for night owls, the crack of dawn may serve as a splendid opportunity to reflect, pamper yourself with some wellness or self-care activities, unleash your inner creativity or even get one or two things done.

In other words, a woman’s morning routine has a bearing on the day’s success. This article aims to share a number of healthy morning habits that could guide women in figuring out how they could spend their mornings well. Who knows? Perhaps these ideas may be inspirational or even a pleasant surprise for you!


Why Do Healthy Morning Routines and Habits Matter for Women?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details, let’s talk about habits.

In essence, habits are simply defined as the repetitive patterns and actions of our day-to-day lives and decision-making processes. Crucially, developing habits is part of our personal development. Therefore, forming appropriate and healthy habits is vital to how we operate on a daily basis. In the long run, these minute actions will snowball into playing a major role in differentiating between outstanding and ordinary women. With that in mind, forming the right habits starts with establishing healthy morning routines.


Morning Habits for Women to Try Out

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Get Up Early in the Morning

Should your mornings consistently feel stressful due to the time pressure of a packed routine, it might be worthwhile considering getting out of bed a little earlier than usual for a slow and relaxed start to your day.

In essence, try to take the extra time to drink a cup of hot tea or coffee at your own pace, prepare a delicious breakfast or go for a calming walk before embarking on your long to-do list. Not to mention, there would be a much higher chance for you to be punctual as you would have been awake and ready to get going!

Hydrate Yourself with a Huge Glass of Water

Without denial, drinking loads of water is probably one of the best things we can do for our bodies. Given that our bodies are dehydrated after sleeping the entire night, it is crucial to rehydrate the moment we wake up as part of our morning rituals. Such practice, in turn, can help you feel much more energetic. Thus, place a big glass of water by your bedside every night before heading to bed so that you have something to drink right after waking.

Give Yourself a Digital Detox

In short, try your best to avoid checking your text messages or replying to work emails the moment your morning alarm goes off. This is because you would be subjecting yourself to reacting to someone else’s emotions and needs at the start of the day as opposed to taking the time you need to focus on yourself. With that, aim to be fully present in the morning for at least 30 minutes to an hour rather than fall prey to your phone notifications and alerts after getting out of bed. 

Tidy Your Bed

Understandably, making your bed may not be a popular piece of advice, but there is a wise reason why we have always been told by our parents to do so. Although making our beds may feel like a tiny and insignificant part of our routine, such morning habits may subconsciously bring us motivation after achieving a small win. This, in turn, can energise us to continue garnering additional small wins throughout the rest of the day, sometimes even before we reach noon.

Let Some Natural Light into Your Room

Regardless of whether we notice it or not, natural sunlight has an influence on our morning habits, as sunlight plays a part in regulating our internal body clock. With that, allowing some warm sunlight to enter your room first thing in the morning may aid your body in realising it is time to get up and about. As a result, women may end up feeling much more awake and alert before they kickstart their work days.

Nonetheless, it is important to acknowledge that not every country has the luxury of enjoying a permanent summer season, such as those situated near the equator. Therefore, you may want to consider purchasing a light therapy lamp or a SAD lamp as a viable substitute for sunlight.

Practise Meditation

Generally speaking, the health implications of practising a few minutes of meditation could lower our stress levels, elevate our mood and enable more stable breathing patterns. This is particularly important for women who may be experiencing menopausal symptoms, in which the fluctuating hormone levels may create mood swings or unpleasant stomach cramps. Hence, practising meditation for a few minutes before leaving your bed or bedroom is a practical strategy to improve our mornings. In some situations, it might be shocking to see our anxiety substantially subside, but meditation can curb anxiety and cultivate a greater sense of calmness.

Perform Positive Affirmation Exercises

These actions might not necessarily be the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking of morning routine ideas for aspiring successful women, but they’re potentially transformational. In essence, practising positive affirmation exercises first thing in the morning can aid us in rewriting our negative inner monologues, thereby ensuring we kickstart our day with a healthy mindset. With that in mind, one of the optimal methods to cultivate a positive mindset is to keep a daily gratitude journal.

Indulge Yourself with a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it provides an opportunity to fill your body with the energy and nutrients it needs to power through the rest of the day. In other words, taking the time to have an energy-rich and healthy breakfast can keep you going much longer as opposed to consuming caffeine alone.

On that note, if you find yourself needing some inspiration on healthy breakfast ideas, try making a breakfast bowl, preparing an omelette or having a fruit salad. Meanwhile, if your mornings tend to be rather packed, try to prepare your breakfast the night before to ensure you can still have a quick bite the following morning after waking up.

Set Up a Skincare Routine

Besides eating and drinking well, it is imperative not to neglect your skin health too. Give yourself time in the morning to put on a face mask or undergo a proper skincare routine after brushing your teeth. This, in turn, creates a much higher chance for you to reap notable instant-glow effects for the rest of the day and, consequently, be much more confident about your appearance.

Plan Your Day

It may be a shock, but the truth is – your calendar has never been your enemy. As a matter of fact, your calendar is a useful tool to aid you in remaining organised, keeping on top of everything and prioritising tasks based on their degree of importance.

On that note, it is usually a good practice to visualise everything you hope to accomplish on your calendar, following up and ranking them based on their priority level. As a consequence, your mind is freed from all the scheduling details and can focus on high-level thinking tasks. In the meantime, it is vital to introduce breaks into your schedule and some personal time as part of ensuring that your workday schedule is a sustainable one.

Get Some Morning Exercise

Besides empowering you to feel a great sense of accomplishment, introducing a morning workout session to your day-to-day morning routine enables your body to feel more energised and ready to kickstart the day.

Nevertheless, if you are not the type of person who fancies going for a morning fitness class, hitting the gym in the wee hours of the morning or heading out for an early jog, that is perfectly okay. In fact, you do not need to perform a full workout to enjoy the health benefits of working out early. Instead, try doing a short yoga regime or go for a brisk walk to enjoy some fresh air. In essence, the main objective here is to get your body moving and help you feel more awake for the day.

Do Something You Love

Simply put, success is a multi-dimensional factor, and morning routines do not necessarily have to revolve around preparation or productivity. Counterintuitively, committing your mornings to activities you genuinely love doing can help make your mornings something to look forward to as opposed to dread.

With that in mind, spending just half an hour each morning on extracurricular activities you love may inspire a positive mental attitude. You may, for instance, choose to work on a mini art project, play your favourite Spotify playlist, enjoy some entertaining YouTube videos or indulge in a video game. No matter what it is, aim to let yourself do something you enjoy.

Spend Quality Time with Your Loved Ones

Whether it is spending time with your children or having breakfast with your loved ones, spending proper time with people you care about is a simple yet important reminder of the things that truly matter in life. Connecting with people you love is another fundamental component of self-care as well. Thus, even if every morning is extremely packed, try to make time to sit down for breakfast with your family to chat.

Get a Few Household Chores Done

Household chores are by no means the most exciting thing to do first thing in the morning. However, getting a few simple tasks done, whether unloading the dishwasher, cleaning your dishes or getting the laundry on, may aid you in kickstarting your day with a mini sense of accomplishment. This feeling may follow you throughout the day and motivate you to get other important tasks completed. You will most likely thank yourself later after a long workday!

Prep Lunch or Dinner

In general, eating healthy necessitates thought and preparation. Whenever you wait until you are hungry to contemplate your next meal, there’s a greater chance of ordering fast food or stuffing yourself with something unhealthy.

With that in mind, treat your mornings as a time to plan out what you would like to eat for the rest of the day. It could be a healthy family recipe centred around something you have been craving or a lunch from your favourite restaurant near the place you work. Alternatively, if you have more time to spare, do a bit of meal prep to save some money and a lot of time later on whilst making the healthiest eating decision possible.

Do Some Leisure Reading or Play a Podcast

People who are accustomed to rising early often describe mornings as an invaluable opportunity to have some “me time” before the rest of the world awakens. With that in mind, one of the healthy morning routines that women could consider is reading a good fiction novel whilst enjoying a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate or listening to an interesting podcast to kickstart the day.

Concluding Thoughts

In essence, no one can stop the morning from arriving, so a healthier mindset would be to develop a morning routine to welcome the new day.

Other than that, in case you are feeling overwhelmed by all of these morning routine ideas, simply choose one or two to experiment with first. In most cases, once you have successfully developed one healthy habit, the next one will come much more easily. Hence, it is imperative that you be patient with yourself and take as much time as you need to build the ideal morning routine you want. The main objective of this article is to provide some ideas for you to figure out how you could make the most of your mornings. Above all, aim to make your early mornings work for you rather than intimidate you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are morning routines so important for women?

Having a proper and healthy morning routine can elevate your mood and energise you to power through the rest of the day. In essence, your productivity levels, general mood and sense of accomplishment may benefit as a result of a healthy morning ritual.

What should a woman do in the morning?

There is no set rule as to what a woman ought to do right after waking up. Still, some popular tips and advice include drinking water, getting some exercise, meditation, eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast, writing a gratitude journal, planning out the rest of your day or indulging in a good book for leisure reading.

What could women do first thing after waking up?

There are a few best practices as to what women could consider right after they get out of bed. First things first, they ought to have a large glass of water to rehydrate themselves, let some natural light into their rooms and do some minor stretches to wake up.