A Beginner-Friendly Guide On How To Can Become a Morning Workout Person

A Beginner-Friendly Guide On How To Can Become a Morning Workout Person

Key Points

  • In general, exercising regularly has its well-documented perks, including having enhanced physical and mental health, greater energy levels and productivity, as well as lowered stress and susceptibility to chronic disease. However, the problem for the majority of people is to find the personal drive to get started, especially if they are more of a night owl.
  • Transitioning to a morning workout person is a gradual process, but it would be an extremely worthwhile shift if one were to stay committed to it. As long as you remain diligent and dedicated to achieving your goals, you might be surprised to find out that deep down, you are a morning workout person, after all.
  • Mistakes may be made, though it should not give you a reason to start negative self-talk. Simply get up and give it another try!
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Let’s be honest, gathering all the willpower you need to start working out is already a tricky challenge, let alone having to adapt to an entirely new exercise routine. Awkwardly, gravity might not exactly be the most forgiving force of attraction in the weight room at the crack of dawn too.

Regardless, if you are curious if there is a specific time of the day that is the best time for working out, exercising in the morning has its share of irrefutable benefits. Having said that, this article will offer a number of practical tips and scientific research-backed evidence on how you could become a morning workout person and incorporate exercise as a regular component of your daily routine!


AM Versus PM – Why Is It a Good Idea to Exercise in the Morning?

All in all, there are both logistical and physiological factors that could offer solid reasons as to why you may want to consider working out way before noon. Notable examples of that would include the following:

The Timing is Absolutely Perfect

Overall, choosing to exercise at the crack of dawn can be an excellent way for you to free up your schedule later in the day. This is because your workout sessions may be lengthy and thereby take up a substantial chunk of your time. As a result, exercising in the afternoon or evening may unintentionally introduce a hiccup to your productivity. What’s more, it is fairly common for many to have lost their motivation for exercise if they need to start lifting weights after a long hard day at work.

The Sense of Achievement Is Real

Setting up and sustaining a healthy routine works wonders in elevating your enthusiasm and discipline. That said, you might unexpectedly find it easier to stick to your exercise regime if you were to put your workout routine first – both figuratively and literally. Perhaps this somewhat inexplicable motivation can be attributed to the sense of accomplishment and euphoria one would often feel for successfully hitting the gym when the rest of the world is fast asleep. Hence, if you are capable of waking up early in the first place, you might as well hit the gym.

The Gym is (Probably) Empty

When it comes to exercising, there is nothing more annoying than having to work out at a crowded gym. At a certain point in time during your gym membership, there is a high chance you would have encountered that one dreaded treadmill hoarder, the obnoxious grunter, or even the uninvited personal trainer. And if that essentially describes your regular gym experience, transitioning to early morning workout sessions could very well be your saving grace.

In most cases, it is typical for gyms to observe a fairly predictable occupancy rate over the course of the day, in which the mid-morning, lunchtime and early evenings are the crowded periods. Thus, if you are able to get in before the weight rooms are filled, you are most likely going to find the majority of equipment available for your usage. Not to mention, there is an undeniable feeling of satisfaction whenever you can enter the gym and snatch a spot at your go-to squat rack right away!

Besides having immediate access to your favourite workout equipment, training outside the peak hours gives you an opportunity to meet patrons as devoted as you are. Therefore, you may also find yourself a new workout mate or a trustworthy spotter by accident!

How Can You Become a Morning Workout Person?

With that in mind, if introducing exercise to your morning routine is one of your personal goals, here are several practical tips for you to develop that habit and stick with it.

Take A B・SYNC ON Tablet the Night Before

Developed by pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company, Galventa, B・SYNC ON is a wake-up tablet packed with the optimal mix of Caffeine, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, and Zinc to sharpen your focus, eliminate fatigue, elevate your mental performance, and boost your mood for the day.

Not to mention, the B・SYNC ON tablets are specially formulated to delay the delivery of any ingredient by approximately seven hours so that their effects do not kick in until you need them to. This unique and patented technology thereby allows the nutrients stored in B・SYNC ON to be gradually released, thereby enabling you to wake up naturally without any struggle.

Sign Up for A Non-Refundable Morning Workout Class

If you have invested your hard-earned cash into an exercise class, there would be an increased probability for you to show up and make sure you are getting as much value as you can from it. To some degree, your subconscious would automatically hold you accountable when you register and pay for it, so that may be a counterintuitive approach to get you moving at the brink of dawn.

Reflect and Adjust Your Mindset

Prior to making actual progress on transitioning from a morning grouch to a morning workout person, it is imperative for you to consider what might be holding you back.

One particularly effective approach would be the adoption of cognitive restructuring, which is a mental framework that can guide you in reframing your thinking and changing your mindset surrounding morning exercise regimes. With that, as you pinpoint, assess, and eliminate unhelpful mental models as well as filters, you may eventually observe the fading of negative thoughts. Though do bear in mind that this outcome will not occur overnight, as building habits take time and effort. Nonetheless, understanding the intentions behind your desire to become healthier and fitter will serve as a pull factor in establishing a morning exercise routine.

Consider Ditching the Pre-Bed Drinks

While it may be true that consuming some alcohol before going to bed can help to relax your mind after a long day of work, it is also important to take note that such habits may also adversely impact the quality of your sleep [1]. Thus, if you are hoping to get a good night’s snooze, it is time to consider abstaining from the glass of cocktail or wine that you might be accustomed to prior to bedtime.

Plan and Prepare Everything You Need Before Heading to Bed

If you are naturally a bit of a morning grouch, the idea of having to select your gym attire or pack your gym bag is most probably unattractive enough to make you tempted to head back to bed. However, if you were to take a few minutes before sleeping to lay out what you need for your workout, rolling out of bed the next day would be much easier since you would simply be able to grab your stuff and head out immediately.

Therefore, try to plan out everything you hope to accomplish the night before, followed by working backwards to consider what you will need to bring or wear as well as the time you have to get up. As a result, there would be far less for you to stress or worry about the moment you wake up, thereby creating less friction for you to negotiate yourself out of bed.

Place Your Alarm Across Your Bedroom

One of the most popular and effective strategies to make sure you will wake up is to leave your alarm clock across the room before going to sleep. This is because placing your alarm clock right next to your bed will make it too easy for anyone to hit the snooze button, so this approach will essentially force you to get up if you hope to turn it off.

Other than that, the additional yet subtle benefit of such practice, especially if you are using your phone as your alarm clock, is that it requires you to stay far away from your phone throughout the night. Consequently, you will most likely end up getting a better night’s rest.

Establish a Consistent Wake-Up Time

Regardless of whether you plan to exercise every single day, it would still be extremely beneficial to ensure that you wake up at the same time, no matter your workout plans. The reason for this primarily stems from a biological perspective – if you maintain a consistent routine, your brain will eventually adapt to that body clock and naturally prepare itself for its early morning wake-up time.

That said, it might be something for you to consider as a monthly challenge. From the next month onwards, try to get yourself to wake up at the same time every day, even if it is the weekends, to help your body get used to that schedule. Once your body is accustomed to that, you might have the luxury of introducing some breathing space, such as getting up an hour later or so once in a while. Though, of course, aim to adhere to your regular bedtime routine for the majority of your sleeping schedule.

Put Your Electronic Devices Away

Responding to work emails or mindlessly browsing social media in the middle of the night will certainly take away the opportunity for us to have an uninterrupted sleep time, thereby making it extremely challenging for one to wake up before the crack of dawn. Hence, leaving those emails and TikTok posts alone until after you have completed your morning exercise regime will be equally crucial to minimise your chances of going back to bed in the morning.

Prepare A Breakfast That You Look Forward to Eating

If you are a foodie, it comes without denial that having a breakfast that you are excited to eat in the morning will definitely introduce a pull factor for you to get up early. Therefore, try to get the first meal of the day ready the night before, or at least have all the necessary ingredients ready.

On the other hand, if you are not the type of person who enjoys a heavy meal right after waking up, there is absolutely no need to have a munch before your workout for the sake of eating breakfast. Instead, you can always opt to reward yourself with a scrumptious meal when you return home from your workout!

Have Some Water and a Caffeinated Drink

To bring yourself from a sleepy dwarf state to an athlete capable of pulling a deadlift, having a glass of cold water the moment you get out of bed could assist you in stimulating your regulatory and digestive systems.

Besides that, supplementing your morning workout with mellow sources of caffeine may offer a quick energy boost. In particular, some notable drinks that may be of your interest would include:

Matcha green tea, which has been reported by scientists to have the potential for stress and anxiety reduction [2]

Yerba mate tea, which may assist in weight loss efforts [3]

Moderate cocoa or dark chocolate, which has been suggested to possess anti-inflammatory effects [4]

Pick A Workout Routine That Works for You

If you happen to find yourself struggling to resist the snooze button, it might be helpful to consider the kind of exercise regimes and environments that align well with your needs. Most crucially, it would be best if you aimed to pick a workout plan that you actually enjoy doing and will be excited to attend upon waking up every morning.

Bring Your Friends Along

There is nothing quite like having a community of people to hold you accountable for your morning workout commitment, and your friends may as well be an excellent choice. If you happen to be someone who needs an exercise buddy, try inviting your friends to tag along and stay fit together.

Make A Public Announcement About Your New Workout Routine

In short, tell the world about your newfound commitment. Counterintuitively, broadcasting your goals simply adds an additional layer of accountability to ensure you do not break your own promises. Not to mention, adjusting your identity to consider yourself as a morning workout person repeatedly can greatly help you associate your new workout routine as part of your day-to-day habit.

Maintaining A Long-Term View

Accidentally overslept for one day and missed your morning exercise session? That’s perfectly okay, and it happens to be the best of us! In essence, there will be times and circumstances when we may not be able to practice what we have preached to ourselves, but that should not serve as a breaking point to disassociate yourself from the “morning workout person” identity that you have crafted for yourself. In essence, always aim to think long-term as you continue to ensure your workout regime remains healthy and sustainable.


Concluding Thoughts

Simply put, not everyone is born an early bird, and the prospect of having to wake up at dawn to do anything more than go to the bathroom or have a glass of water might irk some of us. Nevertheless, there is an intangible merit to rising early and hitting the iron before the rest of the world awakens. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources and strategies one could adopt to make the transition to the morning exercise life smoother, and hopefully, you would be able to discover once and for all how working out in the morning has its undeniable magic!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is It So Hard to Work Out in The Morning?

In most cases, the feelings of exhaustion in the morning could be explained by either the lack of quality sleep or a low fuel supply.

When Should I Eat Before a Morning Workout?

If you plan to exercise early in the morning, aim to get up early enough to have breakfast at least one hour prior to exercising.

Should I Eat Before My Morning Workout?

For certain forms of exercise like cardio exercises and strength training, having a light snack filled with carbohydrates and a little bit of protein before getting started would be a good idea to fill your body with the fuel it needs.