B・SYNC founders - Dr. Dario Dornbierer and Sascha Fritsche


Rest easy knowing that the team behind B・SYNC ON are all experts in the fields of sleep science, nutrition and innovation.


Dario is a pharmaceutical scientist (ETH Zurich), Swiss Federal pharmacist and clinical psychopharmacologist.

Dario conducted a PhD in the field of clinical psychopharmacology at the Psychiatric University Hospital in Zurich. With a special focus on sleep pharmacology, he investigated the ability of several compounds to promote deep sleep and improve overall sleeping and waking functions.

DR. Michael Müller

Michael holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Science & Technology and a Master of Science in Molecular Health Science from ETH, Zurich. He specialises in the impact of nutrition on different patients.

Michael is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and has been a biohacker for many years, following scientific insight that small, incremental changes to his diet can and do significantly enhance his brain function.

Dr. Fırat Yerlikaya

Firat holds a Master and Doctorate Degrees in Pharmaceutical Technology.

Fırat continues his scientific studies with the development of complex pharmaceutical formulations and processes using quality-by-design and chemometric models. He is responsible for supporting the development of formulations, manufacturing processes, scale-up and technology transfer studies, as well as providing analytical methodology and insight.

Dr. Michael Bavand

Michael has studied chemistry and biology, and has a PhD from ETH Zurich. He has significant experience from previous R&D roles at leading industrial life science organisations in metabolic and cardiovascular health.

Having a specific interest in nutraceuticals and healthy aging, Michael works on developing new products and focuses on manufacturing, regulatory and quality issues.

Dr. Aslıhan Arslan

Dr Aslihan Arslan is an Award-winning Pharmaceutical Technologist.

Dr Arslan completed her Ph.D in Pharmaceutical Technology, writing a thesis on innovative scientific procedures for increasing the solubility and bioavailability of pharmaceutical compounds and substances using quality-by-design.


Our special formulation has been clinically tested and patented.

Swiss design

Our product is developed and tested in Switzerland. You can trust our Swiss precision and our clinically approved technology.
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