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About the product

How is B・SYNC ON different from other supplements?

Unlike other sleep- and performance-enhancing food supplements, we focus on your inner clock. The target of B・SYNC ON is to help you reset and adjust your inner clock to your lifestyle. It does this with our innovative formulation that releases the core natural ingredients right when you need them, to help you wake up with ease.

Is B・SYNC ON safe?

Yes, B・SYNC ON is safe. It contains the following core natural ingredients - Caffeine, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, and Zinc - and during clinical trials we found it had no adverse effects on consumers.

Is B・SYNC ON addictive?

No. The dosage of caffeine in B・SYNC ON is the equivalent of one espresso and is not expected to cause withdrawal symptoms.

Are there any side effects?

All ingredients contained in B・SYNC ON are safe. The European Food Safety Authority states that a total daily caffeine consumption of up to 400 mg is generally safe. So if you can drink an espresso, you can take B・SYNC ON. That being said, B・SYNC ON is not suitable for children as well as pregnant women or individuals with a hypersensitivity towards caffeine.

How does B・SYNC ON work?

B・SYNC ON contains safe and natural ingredients - Caffeine, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, and Zinc. Each B・SYNC ON capsule comes with over 50 tiny pellets containing these core ingredients. The pellets are coated in many different layers (this is our innovative galenic delayed-release technology), and these layers ensure you get 7 hours of sleep before beginning to release the core ingredients, helping you to wake up with ease.

When and how often should I take B・SYNC ON?

Take B・SYNC ON on an empty stomach with half a glass of water before you go to bed. B・SYNC ON can either be taken daily or on demand. Our laboratory studies suggest it can substantially help you after a single dose, though daily intake helps align your inner clock with your lifestyle.

Can B・SYNC ON adversely affect my sleep?

No. B・SYNC ON is not a sleep-inducing product, and specifically targets the wake-up process. The core ingredients, which help you to wake up with ease, are released 7 hours after taking B・SYNC ON and so do not impact your sleep.

What if I need to wake up early or don’t have enough time to sleep for 7 hours?

We believe in the restorative power of a full night’s sleep, which is usually between 7 to 8 hours. However, if you have to get up early or don’t have enough time to sleep for 7 hours, you can still use B・SYNC ON to help you wake up with ease. Simply take the capsule 7 hours before you plan to wake up.

Can B・SYNC ON be taken with other medications?

Since B・SYNC ON contains only safe and natural ingredients, it is possible to safely combine it with other medications or sleep products. However, if you are taking any prescription medications, we do recommend that you discuss B・SYNC ON with your doctor to be absolutely sure.

Can I still drink my coffee?

Yes, you can. We know how important your daily coffee can be, and we assure you that you can still drink it without any worries. The amount of caffeine in the ON-Formula is equal to a cup of espresso.

Does it have an effect on my sleep?

No. The core team who created B・SYNC ON has a scientific background in sleep sciences and is fully aware of the essential role sleep plays in the maintenance of a healthy mind and body. We have dedicated several years of research to develop B・SYNC ON’s innovative formula so that it does not affect your sleep and only releases its ingredients after 7 hours so you can wake up with ease.

Is B・SYNC ON vegan?

Yes. Not only that, it’s also gluten free, sugar free and lactose free, so you can take it without any concerns.